Why small and medium law firms should invest in Social Media Marketing

Joanna Michaels, Beyond Social Buzz

The last decade brought rapid developments in technology as well as online communications and networking, forcing businesses of all sizes to review their strategies and adapt to the new reality. One of the main components of that shift was a growth of Social Media. It gradually became the chosen communication medium of the new generation and is becoming increasingly popular among older generations as well.

While diverse industries pro-actively embraced such trends and aligned their strategies, the legal sector remained rather reluctant and has taken a bit slower to adopt to this shift. This could be due to privacy and ethical concerns, regulations and other reasons related to risky, informal character of online interactions, or perhaps uncertainty about the business value of social media.

However, with online search and social networking becoming key methods of finding and sharing information for today’s consumers, law firms are no exception. They cannot simply rely on the company’s website, as building a meaningful online presence means extending the brand far beyond the company’s site, to strengthen the credibility factor, crucial to the legal sector.

Social media in particular offers small and medium law firms a great opportunity to generate a greater awareness of their brand, as well as connect and communicate with clients and prospects.

There are a number of business benefits of establishing a strong social media presence for law firms:

  • Increase brand awareness and generate leads
  • Highlight the firm’s values and extend the firm’s brand online
  • Establish thought leadership by showcasing expertise and becoming a go-to-expert in your area of law
  • Humanise the brand – people hire lawyers and not law firms
  • Network and connect with influencers
  • Make the firm look more competitive, attractive and profitable
  • Extend the reach and get a brand message across to a wider audience
  • Build relationships with clients, stay in touch and demonstrate commitment to them
  • Increase search engine rankings for the firm’s website, here Google + in particular, will lead to improved online visibility
  • Build a sense of community – potential clients are more likely to hire firms with lawyers they know, like and trust
  • Communicate with millions versus a few
  • Gain competitive intelligence; social media is an effective tool for gathering information and updates on the competition, clients and prospects
  • Attract a top-tier talent through engagement with law students via social media channels

Social Media offers small and medium law firms a wealth of business opportunities, and it is also more cost effective when compared with traditional advertising methods. The key to success is consistency, consideration and commitment, as ongoing maintenance and monitoring of social media channels requires considerable time and resources.

If you need help with your law firm’s social media strategy or would like to outsource the maintenance and monitoring of social media channels completely, then please get in touch.

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