7 Tips to make your Linkedin Profile work for you

Joanna Michaels, Beyond Social Buzz

Although not considered the most fun, Linkedin definitely outshines all other social media platforms when it comes to the potential it holds for professionals. According to Forbes it is the number one social network for both job hunters and recruiters.

So tell me, did you create your Linkedin profile some time ago? Possibly when considering your next career move? And have you forgotten all about it since? Have no fear…. Whether you’re new to Linkedin, returning to give your profile a little TLC or just looking to expand your reach, here are seven handy tips to make your profile stand out from the crowd:

1. Be discreet

Whilst updating your profile discretion is key. Don’t forget to temporarily silence your updates. Otherwise, your whole network will receive alerts of every detailed profile update you’ve made. In order to mute them, go to Settings > under Privacy Controls > click on ‘Turn on/off your activity broadcasts’. Another window will appear allowing you to uncheck the option.

2. Make sure your profile is complete

Having an incomplete profile means that your search visibility is severely compromised. According to Linkedin, users with a complete profile are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through the platform. So don’t miss out on YOUR opportunity – whip out that CV and get to work!

So how to ensure your profile is 100% complete? Easy, there are five levels to completion. Follow the Linkedin prompts and complete your profile until you receive the “All Star” (100%) status. If you needed another reason to ensure you display a complete and truly professional profile consider that Google loves Linkedin. It’s true, try searching for your name online, you will most likely see your Linkedin profile at the top of the search results, even before your website or blog. So if someone out there is looking for you online, your Linkedin profile may be the one making that critical, ‘first impression’ on your behalf. Make sure you like what they see.

3. Write a compelling summary

Don’t limit yourself to a few bland sentences. Instead use this section to describe:

  • Who you are
  • What you do (what you are passionate about and what values can you bring to the table)
  • What your future goals are.

4. Anonymous- to be or not to be?

Now that is the question. Linkedin recommends that users opt for a full visibility status. However, you might not always want people to know that you are viewing their profiles. For this reason you may look to change your viewing setting to anonymous. To do so go to: Settings > under Privacy Controls > Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile.

At this stage you will be presented with three choices:

  • Your name and headline (full visibility)
  • Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title (semi-anonymous)
  • You will be totally anonymous (completely anonymous)

This is a pretty handy trick if you want to look up your old uni rivals or your new boss. However, remember that switching to being anonymous affects your ability to see who views your own profile (this applies only to users with a basic account).

5. Take advantage of the Linkedin Publishing Platform

Did you know that every second two new members join LinkedIn? But despite the platform gaining new users at such an overwhelming pace, the number of active users is low when compared to all other social media channels. Don’t miss this terrific opportunity – roll up your sleeves and start writing. By contributing high-quality and original content to the Linkedin publishing platform, you can expand your online reach and build your influence in a major way.

Publishing on regular basis will have an immediate effect on the strength of your profile, with posts being visible at the very top thus showcasing your expertise to a rapidly expanding audience.

6. Join Groups

The vast majority of Linkedin members know that joining Linkedin groups opens an opportunity to share ideas and participate in conversations within your chosen industry or area of interest. However, there are more perks to consider:

  • Being part of a group allows you to reach out to members who are not your contacts and invite them to join your network (normally a premium membership is required to do so)
  • Creating your own Linkedin Group allows you to increase your authority within your niche, position yourself as a source of expert knowledge, make some valuable contacts and even generate new leads for your business
  • Managing groups offers another incentive. You can email group members thorough Linkedin Announcements. These are basically direct messages that carry fantastic potential for lead generation.

7. Keep Active

No we’re not talking about hitting the treadmill in honor of your New Year’s resolution. You can keep your account active through posting interesting daily updates that bring value to your followers. What’s also important is to keep in touch with your connections, i.e. congratulating on anniversaries, recommending, etc. Establish those relationships and add to discussions.Short on time? Recycle the content you already have available. You can do so by converting your blog posts into shorter, daily updates or sharing relevant white papers and industry articles.

So there you go my seven key tips for making Linkedin work for you. I hope you found it helpful, if you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me via Linkedin or Twitter.

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