Social Media Marketing

Increase brand awareness, build engaged communities and inspire action

Social Media Marketing

Whatever your goals – be they increasing brand awareness, engaging supporters, generating sales, donations or traffic to your website – Beyond Social Buzz can help.

“Social media can help your business and charity increase reach, share your story in an impactful way, build engaged communities and inspire action.”

How social media marketing can promote your message?

Social media marketing offers so many ways to directly connect and engage with your current and prospective customers and supporters. 

Understanding your target audience and using social media marketing to provide what they are looking for, by educating, entertaining and inspiring, creates that deeper bond.

Connections become communication and new business leads, and clicks convert into donations and sales.

Social media marketing can:

  • increase online visibility and search engine rankings 
  • increase trust and brand recognition
  • share success stories
  • improve online reputation
  • engage with your target community and supporters
  • boost customer loyalty
  • enhance customer service
  • boost website traffic
  • increase sales
  • boost donations

While social media marketing offers great opportunities for wellbeing businesses and charities of all kinds, it requires a big time investment. 

You need to be ‘up to the minute’ with your digital marketing skills to ensure that your business or charity doesn’t get left behind.

It can get overwhelming, partly because it keeps changing! 

How can we help?

Beyond Social Buzz can lift the burden of creating and executing an effective social media marketing strategy.

Whatever your goals – be they raising brand awareness, generating sales, boosting donations or engaging your target community and supporters – Beyond Social Buzz can create the right social media marketing strategy for your brand.

And if you’re feeling stuck, our engaging One-to-One Social Media Coaching Packages will fill you with the inspiration and enthusiasm needed to move your brand from ideas to action.

We offer the following social media services:

  • Account optimisation and setup
  • Social media audit and strategy development
  • Social media coaching and mentoring
  • Social media content creation
  • Community management

If want to get started but aren’t sure where to begin, get in touch!