Secret Instagram hacks – part 2

Joanna Michaels, Director

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1. Drive traffic

As you may have already noticed, driving traffic away from Instagram and into your business website is not as straightforward as on other social networks. This is because links within your Instagram posts, appear in-active (non clickable), meaning users cannot simply click on them in order to get to the source. They need to copy and paste such links in a browser, which seems rather laborious.

This is why the most common way of directing Instagram traffic to your business website, is through the link in you bio.  This is where Instagram allows you to include a clickable link. In order to add a link to your Instagram bio, click on edit profile and place the link in the website text box.

Hence your bio link is the only place where you can actively drive Instagram traffic, use it effectively and update that link on regular basis, pointing your followers to you business blog, home page, services page or a specific landing page. Don’t forget to use calls-to-action in your Instagram posts, encouraging users to click on your bio link.

2. Private messaging

If you want to share an image with only selected account or accounts, follow the usual steps when sharing content on Instagram to start, so take a photo and apply chosen filters. Then, tap ‘next’ and from the ‘Share to’ option on the top of your screen select ‘direct’. Now you can add a text message to your selected recipient, once ready, tap ‘ok’ and finally chose recipients from your contact list, tap on the circle next to the user name and when the ‘check’ sign appears, tap ‘send’.

3. Hide photos of you tagged by others

If you are keeping your business image consistent on Instagram, being tagged in a bad photo by your contacts may not necessarily go with your Instagram branding strategy. Note: all photos that you were tagged in, are stored under the “Photos of you” tab. That’s where you need to go to ‘un-tag’ yourself. Go to a chosen photo, tap your user name, this is when you will see the ‘Hide form My Profile” option, tap on it, and finally click ‘Finish’. Gone!

4. Keep track of your friends (or competitors) activity

To see what your friends or competitors are up to on Instagram, tap on the heart icon on the bottom of your screen, then select the tab on the top left, which says “following”. You can now see all the posts that your friends liked, shared or commented on recently.

5. Use ‘perspective’ for the perfect layout

Instagram is constantly doing its best to help users create amazing images and make them look better than they actually are. You are most probably familiar with the obvious Instagram filters, but if you dig a little bit deeper, you will discover a whole array of more detailed tools. To do so, start by posting a photo as usual, find the tool sign on the far right from filters. Once opened you will see a wide array of useful tools, such as Contrast, structure or Brightness. The one we want to draw your attention to is ‘Adjust’. This smart tool can automatically straighten your image, or give it a more interesting angle.

Over to you

That’s all from us on less known Instagram features. We promise to update this section with relevant Instagram updates. In the meantime, if you would like to share some other secret Instagram hacks and features with us, please get in touch and we will add your comment with a credit.

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