How to use content on Social Media to stand out from the crowd

Joanna Michaels, Director

Discover how to effectively differentiate your social media content from competition

Are your social media posts getting notices as much as you’d like? Are you planning your content activity and looking for ways to grab your audience’s attention? Successful content marketing on social media entices users to watch, listen, click and convert. We would like to share with you seven tested tips to create social media content that will get you ahead of the game:

1. Be approachable and welcoming Think of social networking as a room full of people. Use your content to start conversations, show support and be engaging. Just like in real life your openness will shine through and win out.

2. Engage with live content opportunities While it is wise and advisable to carefully pre-plan your content calendar, blending the planned approach with live, ad-hoc interaction can be highly attractive to your followers. Consider hosting live Q&A sessions or informative webinars. Your audience will be thrilled with an opportunity to chat with you in the real time, and they will certainly appreciate the knowledge sharing aspect of it.

3. Solve problems Humans have survived for so long because they’re great at solving problems and answering questions like ‘What do I do when…” or “How to…” . Show your audience that you care and build your content with problem solving in mind.

4. Once you start, keep it up Create a content calendar and pre-schedule your messages using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to ensure consistency. Your quality content will become more sharable if you are consistent with your approach and the frequency you engage with your community.

5. Format your visual content Before posting images, make sure they are sized correctly to meet specific requirements of each social media platform. By doing so you are ensuring that they will display perfectly both in social news feeds and on smaller mobile screens.

6. Be fun The top brands that are truly rocking social media channels are those with strong, human connections with their fans and followers. Don’t become too pre-occupied with promotional messages or calls to actions. Instead create content that intrigues, entertains and educates. Make it lighthearted and fun, for both yourself and your audience.

7. Be yourself Good social media content isn’t fake but it’s human and genuine. Being authentic is intrinsically social and this is why it triggers engagement and makes your audience naturally gravitate towards your brand. Today’s social landscape is saturated with brands desperately trying to have their voices heard online. When planning your social media content, create something that truly resonates with your audience, awakens emotions and creates experience. With some effort and creativity you will stand out from the crowd.

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