Joanna Michaels, Director

Building a strong social media presence is as much about keeping your current followers as it is about gaining new ones. When looking at how to encourage your Social Media followers to stay, commit to the following steps:

Develop a consistent content strategy

When building a meaningful Social Media presence consistency is key. That being said, if you are exploring how to encourage your Social Media followers to stay, balance is crucial. Simply put, you don’t want to flood your followers with too many updates. Use scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to spread your content throughout times where your audience is most active online.

Add value with relevant and interesting posts

Research shows that more than half of social media users have stopped following brands due to their content becoming too repetitive or boring. Social media analytic reports provided by Buffer or Hootsuite should provide you with valuable patterns on what type of content is most likely to resonate with your audience and lead to engagement.

Understand your follower’s needs

In order to keep your audience engaged you’ll need to identify their needs and produce both relevant and interesting content that your followers will want to read, comment on and share. Aim to position yourself as a reliable and trusted source of ‘solutions’. This will help solidify their loyalty to your brand and encourage them to click through to your website.

Don’t automate all your updates

When considering how to encourage your Social Media followers to stay avoid going overboard with social media automation. It can be a minefield if used in the wrong way. Over use of such platforms can hurt your brand, as, even in today’s digital age, the human element of digital interaction is invaluable.

Leverage paid advertising options

Use paid advertising, especially on Facebook, as a complementary strategy to ensure that your brand grows and stays at the forefront of your social media followers. This will give you a great start. However, once you get that ‘like’ or ‘follow’, ensure that a relevant and quality content is regularly posted to encourage your followers to stick around, engage and buy from you.

Be social! Respect the social rules of engagement

How to encourage your Social Media followers to stay? Remember that the vast majority of people use Social Media to do just that, socialise!

Be friendly, approachable, and remember, Social Media is a two-way street, show appreciation to your followers and share their posts too. Over to you!

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