How can law firms use Youtube for business development?

Joanna Michaels, Director

YouTube is a free, video-sharing website with over 1 billion users, that dominates the visual-centric social networks. The platform has been created in 2005 and purchased by Google in 2006. According to a recent survey by Global Web Index 85% of online adults identify themselves as regular You Tube users. Finally, YouTube accounts for more than 28% of all Google searches (Source: Comscore).

Video is currently considered one of the most powerful forms of online communication.

What does it mean for law firms? That ignoring these powerful figures would equal missing out on huge opportunities to get in front of a large, captiv audience. It is also worth mentioning that YouTube is the second-largest search engine, positioned right behind its parent company Google.


1. Humanising your brand

Video allows law firms to present the personality and values of both the firm and the people.

2. Gaining trust

Video provides you with a great opportunity to share powerful content that can make more of your prospective clients know, like and trust you, so they are more inclined to hire you and recommend your services further.

3. Offering transparency

Video can assist in explaining processes to prospective clients. Example: Whatson Thomas, family law solicitors from Hampshire, UK have used YouTube video to present their unique selling points, like compassionate and personal service and fixed fees, in an engaging and transparent way.

4. Educating

Your firm’s YouTube channel can serve as an educational library that builds trust and authority in your practice area. DLA Piper maintains an active YouTube channel. One of their videos , created in a form of a fictional drama explores the threats of cyber crime. Kingsley Napley LLP on the other hand, uses video for giving practical advice on ‘Shared parental leave’ or ‘Challenging the validity of a will’.

5. Marketing Integration

Videos provide a highly share-able type of content for other Social Media channels, such as Facebook or Google Plus. By distributing your YouTube videos on other Social Media platforms, you can instantly increase the exposure of your message.


  • Create a YouTube channel for your firm.To ensure brand consistency, add logo, customize the colours and add relevant information and links. All your messages should be aligned with your firm’s unique selling points and values
  • Monitor competition to determine what type of video message best resonates with your targeted audience
  • Solve problems and provide useful information by creating videos that answer common clients’ questions i.e. ‘7 things you need to know before hiring an Employment or a Property Lawyer’
  • Consider your audience, is your message aimed at graduates, current clients or prospects? Understanding your various audiences and their specific needs will help in clarifying your message
  • Optimise your videos for online search. If your videos are invisible to your prospective clients, you won’t reach them with your message. Make sure you choose the right keywords to help YouTube determine the relevancy of your content. Include them in your title, description and tags
  • Create webinars to better connect with your target audience, gain a competitive edge and establish your firm as an authority within a specific niche. This will bring leads and business
  • Be creative without losing professionalism and relevancy to your niche. Showing your team’s personality and sense of humour will make your videos more appealing to viewers
  • Don’t compromise the quality. If you don’t have the in-house know-how allocate a budget for hiring a professional production agency. Presenting valuable content is just as important as the quality of your visual presentation.

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