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Social Media Marketing


Social Media offers a great opportunity for law firms to increase their brand awareness, build relationships, promote credibility and trust, through providing relevant insight and finally, establishing themselves as a source of expert knowledge within their expert niche.

However, it seems that the majority of law firms make an assumption that the best social media platform for them is LinkedIn, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Start with research and choose relevant platforms. For this purpose, create a list of keywords that reflect your firm’s area of business and search major social networks through those terms. This will help you to find out the channels where users talk about topics relevant to your firm’s expertise

Remember to treat Social Media activity as a vital part of a clearly defined, overall digital marketing strategy that is aligned with the overall business strategy of the firm.


Email marketing and CRM


Email marketing provides law firms with a unique opportunity to maintain client engagement, make clients feel valued and encourages repeated business. This can be achieved through targeted communications that use clients’ intelligence to create relevant and targeted email campaigns.

The key consideration here is tailoring the content to specific requirements of the audience in order to ensure that it captures their interests and addresses their needs.

It means that rather than sending a mass email to all your clients, discussing for instance recent updates in law, you tailor the content to each identified customer’s segment, ensuring the relevance of the message. Broad email blasts are very unlikely to bring any new business, and may even result in damage to relationship, through un-subscriptions.

The key to delivering effective email marketing campaigns is successful segmentation of the customer base into diverse audiences (segments), based on their unique demographics. The success will rely on the quality of information that can be extracted from clients. The more information available, the more content can be tailored to customers’ needs.


Video Marketing


The old phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is increasingly relevant due to a growing importance of visual content, with videos being classified as one of the most effective forms of online communication.

Complimenting your content strategy with visual elements can have a great impact. It helps your firm to create a powerful first impression while providing immense SEO benefits. Don’t try saving money here, but hire a professional video marketing company, that will provide actors, the script and the smooth camera work.

Website visitors search for more information before deciding to contact your firm and an effective video can be one of the most effective ways of convincing them to do so.




Although small and medium-size law firms don’t have the budgets of their larger peers, they often have the advantage of knowing their clients better, providing a more personal service and finally, being able to react to change faster. Adapting to new technologies and incorporating innovative solutions will help small and medium-tier law firms to future proof their operations and compete successfully in the fast-changing market.

All chosen digital channels should work in tandem and become a part of an integrated digital marketing strategy, with strong unity between selected tools, i.e. social media content, website or video blogs.

Such a focused approach will allow law firms to effectively promote, cross-sell services and finally, support other off-line marketing initiatives, i.e. seminars and events, which can provide a direct route to potential instruction.

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