7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing for Small Business

Joanna Michaels, Beyond Social Buzz

Over the last few years many marketers claimed that Email Marketing was long dead. The reality of today couldn’t be different. Email marketing is back, and it is stronger then ever. This fantastic digital marketing tool fits perfectly into the small business marketing toolbox. It is track-able, effective and most importantly affordable, which makes it very appealing to small business owners who run their marketing on limited budgets.

Here are seven tips to make email marketing for your small business a great success:

1. Know you recipients

Successful email starts with permission- this is why your should only send emails to people who opted-in, meaning signed up to receive your emails.

Emailing people, even your own customers, who didn’t specifically request to receive it is considered as spam. And once recipients feel spammed they are not likely to pay any attention to your marketing message.

2. Give your Subject line an edge

If you want high opening rates use an open-worthy subject line. Your email has to grab readers the minute they see it in their inboxes. And what they want to know is ‘what’s in it for them’, so make it irresistible.

When drafting email messages for your small business remember that your email has less then five seconds to convince your recipients to either open it, or delete it. So avoid bland subject lines like a “Monthly Newsletter’. Make it punchy and clear so recipients know what to expect wen they open the message, and ensure it is no longer than 50 characters. Creating a sense of urgency can also increase opening rates.

3. Get to the Point

What’s the purpose of your newsletter?

The call to action (CTA) – or what you’re actually asking people to do – should always take center stage. If your message is brief, position a bold call to action at the top of your email. When sending longer emails, you may integrate CTAs in several places.

4. Make it mobile

Today’s users consume online content “on the go”, as according to recent studies nearly half of email content is read on mobile devices. This is why it is crucial to test how your email messages display on different screens and use mobile friendly templates. The rule here is simple, if it doesn’t look appealing it won’t perform well.

5. Personalise

Avoid mass marketing techniques at all costs. The more personalization in your email campaigns, the more chances for high opening rates and conversions. If you can, address your recipients by their first name, use the word “you” to deepen engagement and finally, tailor the message to their individual interests.

Draw all information you have from your database and divide your receipents into segments, based on their personal interests and buying patterns. By doing so you will create a message with a greater impact, as it will be more relevant to your readers.

6. Remain consistent with your brand

Ensure that your email messages are consistent with the look and feel of your brand. Use your company’s logo and brand colours, and the tone of voice that your customers already know from other marketing communications. By doing so you ensure the consistency of your branding and make your readers feel more familiar with your message.

7. Measure your success

Check your email analytics to see if your current approach works. Luckily, most email platforms offer free reports with helpful metrics. Spend some time on learning and understanding these reports so you can find the best ways of doing things better going forward.

Keep a close eye on the opening and click through rates and test how different layouts, content and subject lines affect those metrics.

Trying and testing different approaches is the key to discovering what works and what doesn’t in order to craft email messages that really resonate with your customers.

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