Digital wellbeing for kids and teens

Keeping young minds safe and happy online

Digital wellbeing for kids and teens

While research continues into the complex relationship between children’s wellbeing and the digital world, one thing is certain, children and parents need more support, now.

You can find support from Beyond Social Buzz talks, webinars and training, aimed at kids, teens and parents and based on the latest research.

‘Dealing with this challenge is about opening lines of communication, not imposing rules, or threatening bans.’

Why digital wellbeing matters for kids and teens?

While you recognise your child wants more digital independence, you feel uncertain how to protect their digital wellbeing. 

Research into the direct effects of digital devices and social media on mental health are ongoing, but we know parents want more support now.

Schools also need help. While harmful texting or messaging often occurs at home, or outside the school gates, the consequences can spill over into the classroom leading to an increase in wellbeing and disciplinary issues.

We offer an opportunity to come together in a safe space, to ask questions, share and discuss experiences and concerns, to feel better prepared for supporting your children’s digital wellbeing.

We believe dealing with this challenge is about opening lines of communication, not imposing rules or threatening bans. Parents, teachers and responsible adults need to feel informed, understand the risks and benefits, and be empowered to have conversations with the young people in their care.

How can we help?

Drawing on our extensive experience in facilitation and training, we can design and deliver engaging, tailor-made digital wellbeing webinars, talks and workshops, be it for parents, school staff or children/teens themselves.

Sessions will include: 

  • The latest statistics and research on digital habits and use of technology by kids and teens in the UK
  • Opportunity to explore benefits and risks of the digital world, to make informed decisions
  • A space to ask questions and exchange experiences with others who share similar concerns.

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