Digital Wellbeing for Business

Find a better balance in the digital world

Digital Wellbeing For Business

Get in charge of your time online, so technology stops distracting and starts enriching your life and business.

‘If you never let your brain relax and wonder, you will never solve the deeper, stickier, creative problems that are ultimately more important than responding to an email within five minutes.’

Peter Bergman

Understand the value of digital wellbeing awareness

The digital world is fast-moving. Finish one message about a groundbreaking new tool or app and another one lands. They promise so much; build your business, get freedom to be flexible, achieve work-life balance. 

While this tech can help, it also hinders. It’s easy to waste time, attention and energy on a growing data stream that doesn’t add value. You can feel ‘busy’ but unproductive, with interactions that just leave you distracted.

You build new work habits – often subconscious and rarely healthy – to navigate this information overload. It’s hard to be productive when you’re burnt out and stressed. Your cognitive load gets too heavy, overwhelm follows and your performance and wellbeing suffer.

That’s where we say STOP! Ask yourself some questions and check your digital wellbeing

  • Does this new ‘way of working’ support your focus, creativity and productivity? 
  • Does it leave you feeling scattered, overworked and exhausted?
  • Have you paused to focus on those habits, to become more aware of how they serve you?
  • Do you feel being ‘always on’ is taking its toll, professionally and personally?

Creating awareness is the first step towards change.

How can we help?

Drawing on our extensive experience in facilitation and training, we can design and deliver engaging, tailor-made digital wellbeing webinars, talks and workshops, to create awareness of digital wellbeing for the team behind your business, school or charity – if that’s just a few of you, a group of volunteers, or a full staff.

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