Beyond Social Buzz is a digital marketing and wellbeing consultancy that helps your charity, third sector organisation or wellbeing business use the power of social media for good. Together, we can increase your brand awareness and reach on social media, educate your audiences and build strong communities.


I’m Joanna Michaels, the founder of Beyond Social Buzz. 

I’m an expert in digital marketing with a commitment to digital wellbeing, mental health and putting the power of social media to positive uses.

I’ve specialised in social media and digital wellbeing for charities, wellbeing brands and organisations that want to make a positive social impact.

Using my skills and grounded by my values, I’ve created social media strategies for startups, businesses and charities, delivered training for universities, tech schools and startup hubs, and facilitated digital wellbeing workshops for parent groups and charities.

Background matters, especially as there are many social media marketing experts out there today. So, what qualifies me to help you?

“Social media is more than likes and clicks; it’s an ever-present power that, when used in a thoughtful way, can reach and educate communities,
establish a deeper connection and inspire positive action.”


Practical business approach

Having been hands-on with social media marketing for nearly 10 years, I’ve got a comprehensive insight into how different channels can grow your brand. This is backed by a solid understanding of the wider digital marketing landscape and the tools that exist to support your social media marketing.

I understand that you need to be flexible, to find ways of working that suit your objectives and budgets.

So, I’m here to get stuck in and help you and your charity, organisation or business – whether you want a full social media strategy drawn up from scratch, to give you and your team a clear path to follow,
social media coaching for that extra push, motivation and accountability;
or engaging training tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


Creating connections that stick

Using my experience in the psychology of social media – why do we like, comment, and share – I’ll help tell your brand story on social media. I can tap into your ‘why’ and your values, to motivate your audience to take action and come back for more.

Social media is a crowded, competitive space. So, it’s essential to create a meaningful message that sticks and makes users feel something.

I know what connects best; which messages are likely to bring more engagement; how to build and maintain trust; how to tell stories that share your mission and show the impact you make; how to educate your audience and how to prompt them into action.

I can show you how to develop such content consistently to ensure maximum exposure and results.


Engaging trainer, facilitator and speaker

My purpose is to share my social media knowledge and to promote digital wellbeing.

When I speak, train or facilitate, I believe every person in the room has something unique to offer. I welcome and appreciate different voices and perspectives.

Engaged learning is how we can challenge preconceptions and broaden our views on social media. 

I’ve certainly learnt a lot from my experiences; from speaking at international industry conferences, delivering social media training for Facebook in the UK and abroad, teaching students from across the world at universities and tech schools, running workshops and networking events for female founders on behalf of Enterprise Nation, to digital wellbeing webinars and workshops for entrepreneurs, students, and parents who want to support their children online.


Qualifications, accreditation and awards

I’ve got an MA in Management, digital marketing qualifications accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and Facebook Blueprint Certification.

My commitment to wellbeing and mental health is demonstrated by my ongoing studies towards qualifications in psychodynamic therapy, accredited by British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

I’ve also completed the NSPCC e-safety training, accredited by CPD, for safeguarding children and young people online. I wanted to better understand how children and young people use the internet and technology, the risks they may encounter and how to respond to these risks. I have an enhanced DBS check.

I’m also grateful to be chosen as one of 100 female entrepreneurs by Fentrepreneur #ialso 100 campaign. This is in recognition of my support and mentoring of female founders –